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2/4~ Lookin forward to Valentines Day! ;)
1/30~Larry has signed with Blue Dot Records! Keep checking back to see when you can hear them ^_^
1/7~ Larry has great new pics! Also, hes in contact with Blue Dot Records and MTV so hopefully he'll be recording a song for us ALL to hear soon;)
1/1~ Happy New Year!!!
12/27~ Larry is currently working on producing his very own song! He wrote it himself ^_^
12/25~ Merry Christmas!!!
12/10~ Happy Holidays!
12/8~ Larry and I went to Cincinnati to the Manhattan Model Search! It was great! Larry got callbacks from MTV! perfect;)
11/22~ Happy Thanksgiving!
11/8~ Added more pics!
11/4~ Met up with Larry again for a model search...Larry got picked for a second call back...go figure lol;)
10/27~ Larry has started voice lessons! Be sure to check back for more updates;)
10/2~ Added a couple new pictures from the last photo shoot.
9/29~ I met Larry!:) Hes a sweetie ^.^ Larry photo shoot...
9/18~ added a couple things to the main page and Larry himself signed the GB! ^_^ 8/26~ this site is published!!! ^_^
9/12~ please...lets have a moment of silence for the families of those who lost loved ones... 8/27~ back to school...added the updates page and guestbook
9/11~ a tragic day for the US...WTC towers attacted by terrorists...
8/28~ added a poll to the main page:) enjoy;)