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12/16~ Happy Holidays ^_^
12/15~Looks like "Not Another Teen Movie" isn't doing so well with the critics :(
12/14~ Sorry...its been awhile. Updated almost EVERY page lol.
11/22~ Happy Thanksgiving to all!
11/8~ Look for Riley as "Jared" on the WB's "Raising Dad" on friday nights.....Riley heads to Van Couver to film "Barely Legal" with Amy Smart.

11/7~Can't wait for "Not Another Teen Movie" to come out!!!
11/4~ Saw a modeling video for IMTA that pictured Riley from a few years ago...wheehah...;)
10/31~ Happy Halloween!!!
10/22~ Check out Popstar Magazine! Nov! Theres a great Riley interveiw...and yes,pics! lol...continues in the Dec issue!;)
10/7~ Added a few of the new pictures to the "pics" page.
9/30~ Dreamin ^.^
9/29~ The Riley site is back in business! ;) Riley is an AWESOME singer! :O
9/11~ Tragic day for America...WTC attacked by terrorists :(
8/28~ Found out Riley doesn't really smoke...good :)
8/25~ I had a photo shoot with Jonathan, Summer, and Brittany...Jonathan has the same agent as Riley!!! ;)