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Hey everyone! My name is Kelly. I live in Michigan and decided to start this fan site for a truly great guy ;) *I hope you enjoy it* Anyway, I'm interested in modeling and recently went to get my pictures taken by Bob Lamb. (Thats one of his pictures of me at right) I went down with larry to a model search and have been invited to Cincinatti in early December so I am VERY ecited lol. I like horseback riding, drawing, swimming, rollerblading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends:)I also love animals. I own 4 pygmy goats, 5 ducks, pigeons, chickens, cats, a dog, a parakeet and tropical fish :) and they're spoiled rotten ;) Well, I hope to keep updating this site often so keep checking back...and please sign the guestbook with and questions or comments you may have. You can also email me at the address below:) Thank you again for visiting my site! ~Kelly